Best Stocks to Buy in 2021

Analyzing every minute detail about the stock market is a very difficult endeavor and predicting its every small ebb and flow is nigh impossible. However, the essence of making a profit by investing in the stock market is by having a diverse portfolio that primarily targets stocks expected to make huge gains in the coming […]

Bitcoin Makes A Surprising All Time High

When Bitcoin originally came out all of those years ago some adventurous investors hopped on what they saw as a potential investment platform. Some hopped on just because it was new. It didn’t take long for the prices to surge and make some investors pretty wealthy. After that though, it lowered to a more reasonable […]

Gold Price 2021 Predictions

Where is the price of gold headed in 2021? Ever since the 1800s gold rush and the printing of the first gold-backed U.S. paper currency, the price of gold has always been used as a measure of the U.S and the world’s economic health. The price of gold is a reflection of the faith of […]